Additional Reading on the Topic of Design Critique

In our talking about and exploring the topic of critique Adam and I have come across some great resources on the topic written by some brilliant people. Hopefully these articles can provide you with additional insights and other angles on the topic of critique.

The Art of the Design Critique   – (Aarron Walter)

It’s Not Working For Me: #crit  – (Mark Boulton)

Design Criticism and the Creative Process  – (Cassie McDaniel)

Everything I’ve Ever Learned About Giving Design Critiques…  – (Dan Saffer)

What Goes into a Well-Done Critique  – (Jared Spool)

Do you want critique, or a hug?  – (Jon Kolko)


If you have found any good resources on critique please share them with us, we would love to read them and pass them along to others.

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Aaron is a Product Designer for Nasdaq OMX. Aaron combines a background in visual design with a passion and deep understanding of experience design to create well rounded product experiences. He is also a lover of heavy metal, a foodie, and a master of BBQ arts.

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