Early Release

Aaron and I have been working on getting the book written which is only a somewhat acceptable excuse for our lack of updates to the blog. But just to show the we aren’t kidding — there is an actual book — we figured we’d drop in this little post. The first two chapters of the […]

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3 Kinds of Feedback

Asking for feedback is a universal part of the design process regardless of organization, industry or maturity. At some point in the process of making something you turn to others and either explicitly or implicitly open the doors to collecting their thoughts on what you’ve constructed. It could be that you’re doing this in meetings. […]

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Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry

What are your questions about critique?

Both Adam and I have been presenting the content we post on Discussing Design as a team and as individuals at conferences and for design teams over the last few years, as we continue to share the content in presentations and workshops we want to hear from you about your experience (good or bad) with […]

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Critique is Central to Good Collaboration

Why is it that we created a whole blog dedicated to the topic of critique? People ask us this all the time. I’m not kidding when I say that at least 2 people audibly laughed at me when I told them the idea. On the surface critique seems like a pretty straight forward thing. But […]

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Upcoming Critique Workshops and Presentations

The new year is in full swing and dates for workshops and presentations are coming together nicely. if you want to learn more about communicating design effectively with your teams and stakeholders be sure to check out these upcoming events. If you are at one of these events and dont make it out to one […]

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